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Current Size: 76%


Previous and Ongoing Projects Implemented under the International Working Group:

Improving wintering conditions for Branta ruficollis at Techirghiol – Life04/NAT/RO/000220 - completed

Total amount of the funds:  529.041,60 Euro

Period: 01.09.2004 – 29.02.2008

Objectives of the project: Maintain and protect the species population in Techirghiol Lake, Romania. Activities included purchase of land for goose friendly management by SOR/BirdLife Romania. The land currently is processed to favour the wintering of the species. The project was helped to designate Techirghiol as an SPA and Ramsar site and developed a management plan for the site.

Donor: EC Life Programme, .

Beneficiary: Romanian Ornithological Society, Romanian Water Authorities


Safeguarding wintering feeding grounds for Red-breasted Goose by ensuring access of farmers to financial support under the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD) - completed

Total amount of the funds:  23.966,00 CHF

Period: February 2008 – April 2009

Objectives of the project: The project was implemented in Dobrogea, Romania by ROS/BirdLife Romania. The ROS developed the Red-breasted Goose agri-measure during the implementation of the above project. The measure was included in the National Rural Development Programme 2007-2013 in 2011. It provides subsidy for farmers growing winter wheat in the area to ensure appropriate foraging grounds are available to the geese in winter.

Donor: Sir Peter Scott Fund – Species programme

Beneficiary: Romanian Ornithological Society





BUDGET:  68,200 Euro  

DURATION:  2011 – Ongoing


1.  The Support the Branta Conservation Center to expand cooperation and strengthen the effectiveness of local nature conservation groups.

2. Fully participate in winter surveys for the red-breasted goose.

3. Develop partnerships with local and regional institutions to ensure compliance with hunting regulations (police, Regional Inspectorate of Environment, Forestry).

4. Facilitate agreements with large cooperatives, agriculture companies and farmers in the coastal Dobrudja region to implement several agricultural-environmental measures suitable for foraging geese.

5. Raise public awareness to promote conservation action.

6. Facilitate greater synergy and international and within country cooperation among partners and stakeholders to implement priority actions indentified in the Action Plan developed by the International Red-Breasted Goose Working Group.

7. Increase knowledge of movements and behavior on wintering grounds, migration routes, threats on stop over sites.

8. Construct and operate a rehabilitation center for sick and injured red-breasted geese and other endangered or threatened species.


Branta Tours, Inc, Le Balkan Foundation - Bulgaria, Bulgaria Ministry of Environment & Water, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, San Diego Zoo Safari Park,

Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation Fund, Neur & ëmwelt, Cavatorta Group, Nava Ltd, Agroservice Ltd, Bed & Birding Ltd

MAIN BENEFICIARY: Le Balkan Foundation



DURATION: September 2017 – Ongoing

MAIN BENEFICIARY: Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds


migrating red-breasted geese - © Nicky Petkov/www.naturephotos.eu

DURATION: September 2010 – May 2015

MAIN BENEFICIARY & PARTNERS: Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds (BSPB) in partnership with: Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust (WWT), Royal Society for the Protection of Birds/ BirdLife UK, agricultural cooperative “Kirilovi Ltd.”, Hunting and Angling Association – Shabla.

BUDGET: 2,656,608 €

PROJECT SITES: Kaliakra Important Bird Area (IBA), Shabla Lake complex IBA, Durankulak IBA, Srebarna Lake IBA. All the project sites are SPAs/Natura 2000 sites in NE Bulgaria.


1)Strengthen the strategic planning framework to minimise the detrimental effect of economic development on Red-breasted Geese in the project area.

2)Engage stakeholders to reduce anthropogenic mortality and disturbance of Red-breasted Geese at the project sites.

3)Engage stakeholders to develop sustainable land-management models for Red-breasted Goose conservation at the project sites.

4)Enhance community pride in and support for the conservation of Red-breasted Geese, and the Natura 2000 sites that they depend on.

"Safe Ground for the Redbreasts" is a EU Life+ funded project in Bulgaria

DURATION: 2003 – 2007

MAIN BENEFICIARY & PARTNERS: Green Balkans NGO and Le Balkan Foundation

BUDGET: 257, 397 €

PROJECT SITES: Dobrudzha, NE Bulgaria.


The project aimed at conservation of the population of the Red-breasted Goose in its main wintering site, by providing foraging opportunities, reducing the disturbance, and preventing illegal hunting. The activities included purchase of land in NE Bulgaria in the main wintering area.

For the whole project duration  a total of 136,9 ha were purchased in order to guarantee the feeding and the safe wintering of the Red-breasted Geese in their main wintering site. The purchased plots are arable lands in the foraging area of the wintering birds. The plots are of 3rd and 4th category, which means good quality of the crops and the food, respectively, if treated properly. In order to guarantee this good quality, contracts for cultivation of the properties have been concluded with local leaseholders and agrarian cooperatives.

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