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New Flyway Project Project to Help Red-breasted Goose Conservation

This autumn gives a start to a new project that will support conservation work along the global flyway of the Red-breasted Goose. The new project is co-funded by the EU LIFE Program and will include work at key sites in all the five key range countries of the species. The Project "LIFE for Safe Flight" is lead by BSPB/BirdLife Bulgaria and includes partners from Romania, Ukraine, Russia and Kazakhstan. A diverse mixture of 11 partners, including conservation NGOS, state authorities and a private company will work together in the next five years to reduce the threats on the species along the flyway.

This is the first ever project to target the whole flyway range of the species and tackle conservation problems simultaneously in the five key range states. Long-term population trends for the species are hard to determine, due to incomplete census coverage in the recent decades. It is not clear whether the observed fluctuations in counts reflect genuine population change or variations in count completeness and/or the wintering locations used by the population. However in recent years there is more evidence for incurred actual population decline.

The Project will be implemented in close colaboration with the AEWA RbG International Working Group and AEWA Secretariat.

Project is co-funded by EU LIFE Program