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New Publication by Wetlands International on Sustainable Hunting

         A new report has been published by the SUtainable Waterbird Harvest SG of Wetlands International. This report shows that the EU Birds Directive and the African-Eurasian Waterbird Agreement at the flyway level provide an adequate legal framework for sustainable management of waterbird populations. Nevertheless, despite the existence of an adequate legal framework, almost half of the populations of species listed on Annex II of the Birds Directive have a declining short-term trend and over half of them are listed in Columns A and B of AEWA, i.e. their hunting could either only continue under the framework of an adaptive harvest management plan or their hunting should be regulated with the view of restoring them to a favourable conservation status. Based on international experience, we argue that EU Member States in isolation cannot attain such objectives, and a structured approach to decision-making (such as adaptive management) is needed, supported with adequate organisational structures at flyway scale. A review has been made on the experience with such an approach in North America and assess the applicability of a similar approach in the  European context. Following this the authors have reviewed and prioritised the information requirements of adaptive harvest management.

          The main conclusion here is that the information requirements of adaptive harvest management are not onerous and by no means should block the process in the European flyways for most populations.

You can dowload the report from the link

Language(s): English ,

Author(s): Madsen, J., Guillemain, M., Nagy, S., Defos du Rau, P., Mondain-Monval, J-Y., Griffin, C., Williams, J.H., Bunnefeld,N., Czajkowski,A., Hearn, R., Grauer, A., Alhainen, M. & Middleton, A