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A second colour ringed Redbreast observed in Hungary

On 6.12.2014 Hungarian colleagues Janos Tar and Jozsef Kecskes have recorded in National Park another Red-breasted Goose ringed by the Life 09/NAT/BG000230 "Safe Ground for Redbreasts" Project. This time it is an adult female bird with white ring with code “IN”. The female was caught during the last cannon netting in Bulgaria in February 2014 when 45 Redbreasts were colour ringed and 8 radio loggers and 4 satellite tags were fitted to some of the male birds.

This comes as second observation after a male ringed in February 2013 was spotted in Hortobagy a day earlier. This female Redbreast was observed in the same area Balmazújváros (Hortobágy National Park). The site was restored in the framework of LIFE NAT07/H/000324 "Sodic lake habitat restoration in the Hortobágy" project. This reveals that indeed some portion of birds that have wintered in different years in Bulgaria and Romania now have reached Hungary. At the same time in Bulgarian Dobudzha there are hardly any Redbreasts observed due to unusually high temperatures reaching over 10°C and still keeping most of the birds in Ukraine and Russia.

© Nicky Petkov/BSPB
One of the colour ringed birds in February 2014
Ringing of Redbreasts in Durnakulak Lake SPA - © BSPB