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Redbreasts flocks were stretching from Russia to Hungary in November

Recently we got news that at least 3800 Redbreasts were still hanging in the area of Manych in Kalmykia (Russia). Manych is a well known bottleneck site for the migration of the Red-breasted Goose population on its way to wintering grounds in NE Black Sea region. However in recent mild winters some birds remain till mid winter season or longer, as it was the case of December 2010 when black ice rain caused death for many Redbreasts caught in the cold spell in Kalmykia region.

The interesting this time is that at that period – in November there were geese as far as Huingarian National Park of Hortobagy! So there were flocks of Redbreasts stretching from Russia to Hungary. A team of Russian experts conducting observations in the area of Manych in Kalmyria in early November counted 6 flocks of geese in fields of winter wheat. There were some altogether at least 3800 Red-breasted Geese along with some 3300 Greater White-fronted Geese, 100 Graylags and 2 confirmed Lesser White-fronted Geese. Observations were reported by Alexander Fedosov.

mixed flock with Redbreasts in Manych area in November - © Alexander Fedosov
fields in Kalmykia, Russia - © Nicky Petkov
flock of Redbreasts in Manych area © Nicky Petkov