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The amasing journey of Decebal continues

Decebal - the male Redbreast tagged with Romanian satellite tag in Bulgaria continues to amase us with its travel.  Recently Decebal made a formidable flight of 1800km in one go to approach its wintering destination of Western Black sea. Here is what Emo Todorov from ROS/BirdLife Romania reports:

" Decebal, our male Red-breasted Goose keeps showing how amazing is the bird migration. After a month spent at the border between Russia and Kazakhstan in one of the most important Red-breasted Goose staging areas, the wetland complex of Shalkar-Ega-Kara and some small lakes around Taldykol, Decebal left the area on October 25th, heading south to Caspian Sea. An unknown till this moment stopover was made in a large and uninhabited lagoon system at the eastern shore of the Caspian Sea. On the following day Decebal did an unique transfer of more than 1800 km crossing Caspian and Azov Sea from east to the west, avoiding another key staging areas in Manuch-Gudilo depression in Russia. Most probably, flying without any stops, Decebal arrived on October 27th in the vicinity of Dnieper’s Delta in Ukraine, just for one day.

We are very excited about the Red-breasted Geese arrival, and we look forward to welcoming them all soon in their wintering grounds in Romania and Bulgaria, which usually takes place at the beginning of November, when the first wave of geese is occurring in Romania."

The first small flocks of Whitefronts have been reported already from Bulgarian Black sea coast so it seems this winter might bring the geese sooner to the wintering grounds...

photo: Nicky Petkov
Decebal's journey
Decebal hold by Emo Todorov during tagging in Bulgaria