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Retrieving a satellite tag good example of international cooperation within the RBG flyway

Petar Glazov from the Geography Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciencies, has managed to assist a Bulgarian colleague in retrieving a satellite transmitter of Pizho – a young male tagged by the US-Bulgaria Redbreasted Goose Project, in Bulgaria last winter.

The goose started transmitting from a single location in June and obviously the bird had died in Tomsk region of Russia. Following various contacts and requests at the end it was Petar Glazov who took on himself the job to try and locate the transmitter. Having contacted local hunter he managed to get more information about the region where the tag was transmitting from. The option was to approach a Ust-Teguss oil production unit of “ROSSNEFT” Oil Company. Our Russian colleague managed to get into contact with regional management while attending a conference in Kislovodsk. The epic attempt to reach an oil production area with no real transport connections outside of helicopter took him a lot of arrangements and hours arranging travel with his own institute and local administration of ROSSNEFT. At the end he was flown with helicopter along with one staff of the hunting control inspectorate. Petar managed to locate the transmitter after an hour long search with metal detector in a picturesque bog in the taiga area. Having located the tag he even gave an interview on the occasion for a local newspaper late in the evening. He made an exciting report of his transmitter search travel on hi Facebook page, that almost makes you participant of the described ordeal of finding and retrieving the satellite tag.

Great job done by Petar and good international cooperation along the flyway of the Redbreasted Goose.

Petar Glazov with the transmitter he managed to locate
Taiga bogs where Pizho ended his travel - photo P. Glazov
photo P. Glazov