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The exhibition "The Red-breasted Goose flyway - from Siberia to Bulgaria" will open in Shabla, Bulgaria

On October 4 (Saturday) at 11 am the exhibition "The Red-breasted Geese flyway - from Siberia to Bulgaria" will open in the Green Educational center in Shabla.
The exhibition includes 20 photographs by 10 photographers from Bulgaria, Russia, Norway, the Netherlands and UK. The photographs tell us the story of the epic 6000 km travel the species undertakes twice each year between its breeding and wintering grounds. The exhibition is organised by the Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds (BSPB) in partnership with the Green Centre SHabla, as part of the fourth edition of the Kite Festival – Shabla and to mark the occasion of the EuroBirdwatch 2014. There visitors would be able to see also the movie "They fly away - the story of the Red-breasted Goose" .

The youngest guests at the Green Educational Center in Shabla will have the chance to learn how to make magnetic cards on a specially organized workshop. This workshop is designed to introduce children to the most prominent representatives of the birds that inhabit the Shabla Lake. It will start at 11.30 am and will be held in groups of up to 12 children.

The exhibition are organized within the LIFE+ project “Conservation of the Wintering Population of the Globally Threatened Red-breasted goose in Bulgaria”, funded by the LIFE + Programme of the European Commission.