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Decebal - the "Romanian" RbG has settled in Taymyr - watch its movements online

Decebal and Darko are two adult male Red-breasted Goose equipped with 18 g Argos Solar PTT transmitters, provided by the Romanian Ornithological Society/BirdLife Romania. The geese were caught on 12 February 2014, near Durankulak Lake (Bulgaria) during the International Red-breasted Goose catching expedition, part of "Save Grounds for Redbreasts" Life+ Project. The purpose of our study is to follow the geese during their 6000 km migration route from their wintering areas (Bulgaria and Romania) to the breeding grounds in Arctic Russia.

The Redbreast called "Decebal" tagged with sattelite tag of ROS/BirdLife Romania this February in Bulgaria has already settled in its breeding grounds in Taymyr. While the other fellow "Romanian" RbG stopped transmitting around the border area of Russia and Kazakhstan Decebal made the leap towards the Arctic in the first half of June and has already spent some time selecting his spot in eastern part of Taymyr. The colleagues from the ROS/BirdLife Romania have set up a web site to follow its migration.

You can follow the Redbreast movements on


Looking back through the months from February onwards you can see the migration of Decebal and Darko in details -  just write in the period you want to look at and select one of the birds.

Follow the Decebal & Darko over Internet
Emil Todorov from ROS with an RbG caught in Bulgaria