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Working Group Chair & Coordinator


Besides leading Working Group meetings, the Chair guides the work of the group in the inter-sessional period with the help of the Working Group Coordinator. The Red-breasted Goose Group has elected for Chair Dr. Domashlinets from Ukraine at its First meeting in Kavarna in 2014.

Contact details:


Head of Fauna Protection Division

Directorate of Natural Resources Protection

Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine

Urytskogo str., Kyiv, 03035


Tel:   + 380 44 206 31 27

Fax:   + 380 44 206 31 34 / 27

E-mail:  domashlinets@menr.gov.ua


After the adoption of the Single Species Action Plan for the Red-breasted Goose a coordinator post was created. Official coordination of the AEWA RBGIWG is entitled to Wildfowl & Wetalnds Trust through an agreement with AEWA Secretariat. The tasks of the Coordinator include facilitating the work of the Working Group, supporting the Working Group Chair and assisting range states with the implementation of the Single Species Action Plan. In addition the Coordinator assists range states in acquiring needed expertise and financial resources by fundraising and setting up projects with assistance from international experts on the Red-breasted Goose.

The actual coordination of the group is delgated to the Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds. The position is supported by WWT and BSPB with funding also provided through EU funded projects. Since December 2010 the Coordinator post has been occupied on a part time base by  Dr. Nicky Petkov. He is of Bulgarian nationality and has a background in waterbird and wetlands research and conservation. Previously Nicky has worked in various positions at the BSPB holding the post of Conservation Director at BSPB, before moving to join Wetlands International as Critical Sites Network Officer till 2010. Upon his return in Bulgaria he joined the BSPB team that started on the EC Life+ Project "Safe Grounds for the Redbreasts" and aquired the position of Coordinator of the Group. Back in the years Nicky has worked on wintering goose monitoring, including Red-breasted Goose since the mid 1990s. In 2004 he completed his PhD study focused on waterbird ecology.

Contact details:

Nicky Petkov
Coordinator for the Red-breasted Goose

c/o BSPB/BirdLife Bulgaria
PO Box 50, BG-1111 Sofia, BULGARIA

Mobile: +359(0) 879 822315

Tel.:  +359(0) 2 846 5919

Fax: +359(0) 2 979 9501

E-mail:  nicky.petkov@bspb.org

Website:  www.bspb.org